Grace on Display


In my last blog post, I said that in times like these I really miss Charles George. If you recall, I said that Charles was a great man, one of God’s finest prayer warriors. As I wrote those words I did not know how quickly we would see how perilous the times really are…(Read More)

…I really miss Charles George. I’ll try to explain. When I came to Cary First Baptist Church back in June, a number of people approached me about prayer ministry. Before long, I realized that we needed to become more prayer-focused. So, when we launched our discipleship classes for the fall, I decided to…(Read More)

Front Porch Fridays


And now, a word about “Front Porch Fridays” … Cary First Baptist Church meets at 218 Academy Street in Cary, North Carolina. It is a beautiful place and the Town of Cary is determined to make it even more beautiful. They are rebuilding, repurposing, and recasting a vision for Cary’s downtown that is truly is…(Read More)

Hello, my name is Keith Harper and I am the Interim Pastor of Frist Baptist Church, Cary, North Carolina. Recently, my staff reworked our church website and they told me that I should be a blogger. Why? I wondered… At first, I resisted. You see, I don’t know much about this kind of thing…(Read More)