2018 Summer Women’s Studies

All classes are open to non-church members.

Here and Now…There and Then

Instructor: Starla McKnight
Class Meets: Monday
Number of Sessions: 11 (beginning on June 4)
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Call (229-395-1912) or email ( for directions.
Cost: $9 for your book (purchase on first night of class)

This is a lecture series on the book of Revelation by Beth Moore.  She presents many points of view allowing women to decide for themselves when the interpretation varies among scholars.  She teaches that God is as specific about what He does reveal as He is about what He does not reveal.

Precepts: 1 John and 2 & 3 John

Instructor: Janice Buckner
Class Meets: Thursday
Number of Sessions: 8 (beginning on June 7)
Times: 9:45 am* and 6:30 pm (two times to choose from!)
Location: Fellowship Hall
Cost: $16.85 for your book (purchase at first class session)

How do you know if you are really born again?  What does it mean to be holy…to love God?  Come join us in studying God’s Word inductively.

Precepts: Building a Marriage That Really Works

Instructor: Sheri Ellington
Dates: June 7, 14, 21; July 5, 12, 19
Time: 9:45 am*
Location: Conference Room A
Cost: $6 for your book (purchase at first class session)

This no-homework study will give us a blueprint for building a love that lasts.  Marriage begins with visions of eternal love, hope, and happiness.  Yet, even among Christians, hope too quickly fades.  The happiness dims.  And love seems too hard to sustain.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  God designed marriage to be a satisfying, fulfilling relationship, and He created men and women so that they – together, and as one flesh – could reflect His love for the world.  Marriage, when lived out as God intended:  makes us complete, it brings us joy, and gives our lives fresh meaning.  In this study, you’ll examine God’s design for marriage, and you’ll learn, from the Designer’s perspective, what it means to be a godly wife.  You’ll discover biblical wisdom for pursuing harmony in difficult areas such as finances, communication, and respect for each other’s roles.  Most important, you’ll learn the principles you need to build a love that lasts.

*Child care (preschool and younger) available for this morning Bible study.